For our loans, we are looking for the following customer:
  • Must be at least 18.
  • Must have been employed for at least 12 months.
  • The income you earn is at least P10,000 net per month.
  • We need to verify your employment. So please provide us a copy of your company ID. The ID should have your signature on it as well. If the signature isn't visible or your ID doesn't have a signature, we will require two additional valid government IDs.
  • In addition, we need a Certificate of Employment (COE). The COE should be on company letterhead, dated in the last 30 days and should state the following information:
    • Your date of hire.
    • Your current salary (as a monthly or yearly salary).
  • We need to verify your home address. For that we need a proof of billing. This can be a electric or phone bill. We understand that many people who need our services can't get a proof of billing in their name. That's ok if you don't have as you can also use a bank statement if it has your address. We will no longer accept a barangay clearance as proof of billing.
  • Since our service is performed entirely online, you need a bank account that is in your name. We will deposit your money into this account. This must be your personal savings account and not a payroll only account. If your payroll account is also your personal account, that is acceptable. But if your only account is a payroll only account, your loan will not be approved.
  • For us to verify your income, please provide us with that last 3 months of your bank statements and 3 months of your pay slips.
  • Authorized auto debit agreement - please sign and return the auto debit agreement to the local branch of your bank. In addition, please upload a copy to your profile here at CashNow. All of our loans must have an auto debit agreement in place.
  • And lastly we need ways to communicate with you. Please provide us with your home (mobile), work phone numbers, and a valid email address. For the email address, please don't register a new email address just for our loans. The reason is that you will receive notifications of your approval, your loan deposited into your account, and other items via email.
*We reserve the right to require additional items should it prove necessary to validate your loan.
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