Do you need quick cash to pay for life's emergencies? Want to buy the newest iPhone? CashNow is here to help!

Cash Now offers loans for up to 15,000 pesos for periods of up to 5 months.

All first time customers will start with a 5000 peso loan so that we can build a track record for you. You can choose either 3 or 5 months to pay your loan back. After that you can work your ay up to receiving loans of up to P15,000 pesos.

Our interest rate is 10% per month.

We do not require collateral for our loans or co-signers.

And the best part, you can have your money in 24 hours! Sometimes even faster than that.

Here is how CashNow loans work

  1. Register your account on this site.
  2. Request a loan.
  3. Upload the requirements to this site.
  4. Once we have received and verified your documents, voilà! You will have your money in as fast as 24 hours directly to your bank account!

Want to know our simple requirements? Click here to see the requirements for our loans.

It's as simple as that! It really is CashNow!

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